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Hermetic 6-12-Sr.Nr. 307

Hermetic 6-12-Sr.Nr. 307

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Serial numbers: 307
Year of manufacture: 2012
Original order number:
Ink cup size: 60

The Hermetic 6-12 has, how the predecessor's model, an electromechanical main drive. The movement of tampon and clichee is realised with cam washer. A high accuranteness guarantees this. The obstructed rest colour collection is obstructed in order to save space under the clichee sledge. Therefore, the pressure exactness is comparable with the today's machines from the class Hermetic. The machine is applicable as a single system as well as as an automation machine. For the application in an automation required standard interface already exists. To use the Printer as stand alone system you need a base frame to

Conditions of the system is near new.

Delivery content:

1x Ink Cup ,1x Mountingtable, 1x Gripping Tong,1x Tamponholder, 1x Thrust Collar, 1x Documentation

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