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More fexibility for your pad printer

With our new tampon coupling you can raise the flexibility of your pad printing machine.

Our "NEW" tampon coupling unites two functions in one system. You can shift the tampon pad in x/y direction and must not adjust any more, like topically neccessary, after the tampon change the installation position again as new. The cuppling has some magnets and pins, as well as a separate tampon holding plate , you can draw off the tampon with the holding plate from the coupling, mount a new tampon and use him with the holding palte again. The tampon coupling developed by us is usable for almost all machines with Ink Cup sice 90 mm, from machine manufacturer Tampoprint.

Moreover, you can exchange with our system the pressure tampons mounted on the holding palte in all machines which have our system together. You need only a tampon holding plate and not as topically for every Maschinentype another version.

For customers where still use open colour systems like type TT80 / 31, TT 80-100/41, TS 100/31, or machines of the type Vario 90/130 and Seald Ink cup 130, there give by us a magneticadapter so that you use  the same tampon holding plate on this typ's of pad printers.

The tampon coupling developed by us was tested, like all our own developments, of course before we placed ths system in the market. Our test partner is inspired by the system and moves his machines everybody on our system.

Because we have almost all machine types as used in our stock , so a presentation in our rooms after appointment is possible for arrangement any time.

We would be glad if you decide on our system.

The advantages resulting from it in the production are immense.

If you have questions to our tampon coupling, contact us by mail or phone, we advise you with pleasure.

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