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Overhauling of a pad printing machine

Here you can see, through the example of a V-Duo 90, what kind of work we carry out to get a machine into optimal running order.

Before starting work

Here you can see a clichee device after a running time of about 16 years without any servicing. It is still fully functioning, which says a lot for about quality of the product and the materials used

Taking stock

The area around the clichee slides is covered in ink. The space and the slides themselves are all affected. This impairs the precision of the reproductions and, as a result, the print quality. A machine should not look like this.


Dismantling the machine

The machine is completely dismantled and cleaned, and fat and ink deposits are removed. The cup clamps and the pad slides are also dismantled and refurbished, all ready for re-installing.

Varnishing and rebuilding

The pad slides, dampers, cup clams and ink residue pick up system are re-installed and adjusted.

Assembly, trial run and - finished!


The new owner can look forward to reaping the rewards of our labours.

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