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In the 5/18/2019 the JSKTD GmbH, with the support of your customers, within the scope of the day of the open door could hand to the child hospice St. Nicolaus Bad Grönenbach a donation at the rate of 3,817.37€

The JSKTD GmbH and the child hospice Saint Nikolaus  Bad Grönenbach thank warmly all customers on your discount payment amounts have renounced.

We hope that you support us further, so that we can hand over together other donations to the child hospice.


Their team of the JSKTD GmbH

 Spendenübergabe 18.05.2019

  Bildergebnis für kinderhospiz st nikolaus bad grönenbach

The support of this social project is an affair of the heart for the JSKTD GmbH.

As a small however successful company we support, in small frame, the child hospice Saint Nikolaus in Bad Grönenbach.

The employees there perform an unbelievable work around the children and members supporting to stand in an advisory capacity and supporting.

Already with coming in of the house you feels an uncanny joy and a feeling of the warmth.

Also out of sight the employee comes rays this lets feel to perceive with which engagement the employees there your duties.

Unfortunately, such facilities state are not promoted, so that the hospice depends permanently on donations.

Maybe a visit of the homepage of the child hospice Saint Nikolaus inspires and you join to our engagement to.

We would be glad very much.


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