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Repairing your pad printing machine

JSKTD repairs your machine. You get all the replaced parts back so you can see what has been replaced. We are transparent right from the start. At your request, we can completely repaint your machine. Smaller painting jobs will automatically be carried out at the same time.

If you want to have a pad printing machine repaired at your place of work, we will gladly prepare a quote.                                              Simply call us (07154/ 83 71 994)

If we have a machine of the same type in stock, you can rent it from us for the duration of the repairs on special terms. In this way, you can keep production costs to a minimum.

Repairs to doctoring cups

We can relap doctoring cups up to a diameter of 150mm. The skilled replacement of the sealing ring is included. The cup is cleaned in an ultrasound bath, the new sealing ring included the cleaned doctoring is re-inserted and then the doctoring will be new lapped. If you need a quick solution, you can also get a spare doctoring cup from us. We have a variety of models in stock. Anything that we can’t deliver immediately will be supplied as soon as possible.

Purchasing doctoring cups

We gladly accept used doctoring cups. If the lid of the cup is not damaged and can be relapped, we will also gladly pay you for your used doctoring cup. Once we have checked the cup and assessed whether it is usable, you will receive an offer from us and you can decide in your own time whether you want to accept it. If you are not happy with our offer, we will of course return the cups to you.

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