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Semiautomation 5 " rent "

Semiautomation 5 " rent "

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Serial numbers:
Year of manufacture: 1997
Original order number: M96/700766
Ink cup size: 130

The realisation of big print formats allows these 5 coloured arrangements. The Hermetic 150, mechanically powered, has a print format size up to 145 mm in the diameter, the TSG 125/60-150/41 can print up to 120 mm in the diameter. The Duo-S Band (8.25 inches) has 16 stations hereditary slats itself on the input side automatically open and close. Both pressure machines can be solved by the conveyer belt and also be started as single machines. A tampon ventilation or intermediatedrying is also mounted. All 3 components are reworked and in good conditions.

Delivery content:

1x Ink Cup Sice 150, 1x Mountingtable sice 150, 1x Gripping Tong sice 150, 1x Tamponholder for  Hermetic 150, 1x Thrust collar sice 150, 4x Ink Cup sice 130, 1x Gripping Tong sice 130, 1x Mountig table sice 130.
4x Thrust collar sice 130, 1x Footswitch 1 x Documentation Hermetic 150 and TSG125/60-150/41  plus Pneumatic plane for the Duo-S Connveyor

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